Friday, January 28, 2011

more Abuse

Sitting and thinking, pedaling with a few ideas I have running through my head. I do this a lot, and to be honest, not many ideas really strike me with such force.  But this concept has the potential to go somewhere; strictly my opinion. Once refined, I believe this will be quit appealing to all sorts of viewers.

The idea being again based solely on sexual abuse, not in the future per-say, but in the past. It delves into what we conceive to be "sexy" or "unusual" behaviors.  By exploring this, it will exploit my feelings, and I don't think I will be the only one, on forms of self-pleasure.  What we are seeing now in the present, can sometimes lead to a conversation of past tortures, and give way to reasons of these behaviors.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

an idea

What this is might be disturbing, but at the same time, life.  This intaglio process was a creative way to get suppressed feelings out.  This, in a way is a reflection of my past, present, and future.  The figure is spewing up matter into the air, while his shadow being a false shadow, replays my past hurt.  Coming out of the ground, the shadow is almost alive, reflecting everyday adventures.

These false images we put into our heads are like bugs, cock-roaches, they never die. We are always messing with our thoughts, transforming ideas into reality. Or putting a damper on our memories, making what hurts us the most, go away in a sense.

Friday, January 21, 2011


A print that I made on a whim, not sure what the meaning is behind this but it was fun to make.  I believe i will be entering this print into several art shows, one being Art St. Louis.  The opening for the show is March 11, from 6-8 and it's free to the public.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Memories come to me whenever I am just sitting around not thinking.  A new idea I have going into this year is making a series based in the eyes of a kid looking at their so called elders, passing out at the table from at night of playing cards and drinking.  The series would most likely be in printmaking, but I'm not necessarily sure on how I am going to render the images.  I will most-likely take a few pictures at certain angles from a kids view, or maybe even let my four year old take the pictures.  That would really let me get a good feel on how a child might look at the situation.  Is the kid going to be watching what his parents are doing, or will they be wanting something but not verbalizing just looking at a certain object, trying to get it without their parents getting upset.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

These are a set of three sculptures of dragonflies I had built in October of 2010. While a challenge to build they were fun and exciting once finished. They appeared in a small group show at my college in which they sold!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

new works in progress....

Hi I'm Matt Lawson-Boothby. Currently I am looking through my brain for some very flavorful ideas for a new series of paintings that has to do with my past. I have ideas worked out in my head, which is a good thing. My art is, in my opinion, becoming stronger as i delve deeper into memories, conversations that I have had with individuals, feelings and above all abuse. All of this is pertaining to only being able to remember what we want, when we want, and it shows us not all memories are correct. As I say this, we only remember things that enhance our lives, whether for better or for worse, but only specific parts of that event.