Monday, July 25, 2011


This is me, a banana going bad. I know, I know, its already been done by the great Andy Warhol. But this is a representation of my own self. See I really struggle with depression, and eventually will die from something. Never knowing if my depression will get the best of me.

I choose these great fruit due to its likeness of a males reproductive organ, along with the general idea that I am the same, a Dick. Bananas are great for our healthy, if you want to gain weight eat a few dozen and this will certainly get you on track. If you want to get a good source of Potassium this is the way to go. If you want to battle depression this is not the cure but it could possibly help.

According to Dr. Caroline Longmore, author of The Serotonin Secret. She says depression could be blamed on lack of serotonin, the "happy hormone," and that you can boost your body's serotonin levels by eating foods rich in the amino acid tryptophan like cottage cheese, turkey--and bananas! She recommends eating at least four bananas a week.

This is statement above, isn't a cure for depression. I just find a great deal of happiness when it comes to thinking, why should we take all these chemically made medicines when nature is trying to help us. Well I shouldn't really keep going.

This painting was produced over 7 days. I started with a fresh banana off the shelf, and painted it every night. Thus creating a sickness that grows in me. While mine last longer this is what it feels like, staring out fresh then growing sad and worthless. As in all my paintings I left my marks, not covering up anything, showing the decaying fruit as it shrivels to nothing. Its approximately 35x52 inches.


  1. how bout a banana smoothie with rum? bet that'll make for some happiness.

  2. aforementioned smoothie needs vanilla ice cream wit it. ok, here's a little
    advice. call me. also, what would you paint if you imagined yourself a pussy. alright, alright..not meant to belittle the muse. i've had friends that aren't on this planet anymore so let's chase another god or goddess...the gods of pussies.
    i like using depression as a means to get to something real but it's hard as fuck to get out of that pattern, you know.

  3. bubunana, the drink.
    haven't figured out the bubba part so there's room to experiment.
    maybe some corn whiskey or Ozark rocket fuel would make a nice addition?